Maintenance & Upgrades

One of the great things about websites is that they can be updated easily, unlike print material or other traditional media outlets. This ease can result in more relevant and accurate content describing and promoting your business.

WebDesignWebServicesNew features can be added anytime, your website can grow and evolve at anytime to suit your business needs. This may involve CMS plugin installations or custom programmed features or new designs.

Green web wants to build business relationships that will continue after your new or updated website goes live. We want to service your website with regular updates, provide the best features and work with you in the marketing and advertising of your website, making it an established success in your market place.

Websites are not static objects like a sign outside a storefront, they are fluid and dynamic. Keep your site up to date, not doing so reflects poorly on your business! Keeping you site up to date will keep customers informed to your products and services and save you time and money explaining it to them personally. With an easy to use CMS like WordPress every organization can make updates to their website in a little as 5 minutes !