NS Girls Institute, www.nsgirl.ca, WordPress CMS NSgirl
GM Research Consulting, www.gmresearchconsulting.ca, WordPress CMS GMResearchConsulting
SMU Faculty Union, www.smufu.ca, WordPress CMS smufu
Child Food Futures, www.childfoodfutures.com, WordPress CMS CFF
Sagamore Conferance, www.sagamore2018.ca, WordPress CMS Sagamore
Merideth Ralston, www.meredithralston.com, WordPress CMS mr
CLS Consluting, www.clsconsulting.ca, WordPress CMS cls
ANSUT, www.ansut.ca , WordPress CMS Ansut300
MSVU Faculty Association, www.msvufa.ca , WordPress CMS msvufa
Professor Cherif Matta, cmatta.ca, WordPress CMS cmatta
Chester Recreation Centre, the-park.ca , WordPress CMS. The-Park
Dictionary.com, blog.dictionary.com, WordPress CMS Dictionary
Wildlife Sightings, wildlifesightings.net , PHP/Bootstrap3/MySql
A highly customized data driven website that organizes large amounts of complex data, users have the ability to interact and contribute wildlife sightings as part of a citizen science project.
Healthcare Reviews, healthcarereviews.com, PHP/MySql
A custom programmed data driven website providing information on over 1 million healthcare providers, servicing both visitors and professionals with their own registered account.
Scott MacMillan, scottmacmillan.com, WordPress CMS ScottMacMillan
Real Estate Shopping, real-estate-shopping.com, a custom programmed data driven website in which realtors can manage their listings and visitors can browse them. RealEstate-300x182
Canadian Classifieds, cdncc.com, a custom programmed data driven website providing classifieds across Canada Cdncc-300x204