Promotion, Advertising & Social Media

GoogleAdWordsAdvertising Campaigns

One of the most cost effective advertising outlets in the world is Google AdWords. You only pay for people clicking on your ads, rather than just viewing them. Green Web can setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign for you, which can be technically challenging as it offers so many features.


FYTSocial Media

Clients are encouraged to have a presence on at least 1 Social Media outlet, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Green Web can assist you with their appropriate usage and integrate their feeds directly on your website.




Track website visitors using the Google Analytics. We can setup and guide you through the overwhelming data provided.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Much of your traffic will come from search engine results. Ranking well in search engine results has an enormous effect on the amount of traffic you receive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves strategic search phrase emphasis to achieve realistic goals and results in addition to third party website linking. Green Web can develop a SEO strategy to maximize your search engine results.